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What is a soffit, fascia and gutter?

Cambridge Flat Roofing also offer a comprehensive service, whereby we can also replace fascias soffits and gutters.

The soffits, fascia, and gutters are just as important for keeping your house pest-free and dry as the rest of your roof. They're also rather appealing from a design standpoint, particularly if you have brand new sparkling soffits and fascias.

If you want to sell your house, upgrading the outside is a smart move. Replace rickety soffits and fascia; they help to protect your roof and walls from damp and water damage. Cleaning new gutters and decorative fascia will significantly improve the value of your property as well as impress the surveyor.

Here's a brief guide to everything roofline, from an introduction to the responsibilities of soffits, fascias, and gutters, which are the essential parts of today's roof lines.

What is a Roof Soffit?

A soffit is a covering that sits between the outer edges of your roof and the house's adjacent wall, protecting and sealing the rafter feet. If you stand beneath the overhang of your roof and look, you will be able to see a soffit (not all roofs have one).

Most soffits are constructed of uPVC nowadays. UPVC soffits, fascias, and fascia are long-lasting and resistant to moisture exposure. Wooden soffits are a classic rustic or historic touch, but they are more likely to decay and deteriorate rapidly, putting the rest of the roof structure at risk.

What are Fascias?

Fascias have been made of softwood for centuries, but in recent years, high-grade uPVC has been used instead since softwood is prone to decay over time.

Fascias are used to protect and seal the roof of your home from elements, support roof tiles at an eaves level, and provide gutter support. Fascias also have a visual appeal that exposed rafters do not have and add interest to the exterior of your house.

What is Guttering?

Gutters collect rainwater from the roof and direct the water flow as it drains. Gutters catch the water and send it down to a drain. Guttering is fixed with the correct "fall" to prevent water from accumulating in areas that should not be Pooling, which can lead to your gutters overflowing and causing additional issues.

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We recently had a flat roof installed and have been thrilled ith the service we have received.
Jack Harvey
We'd been messed around by our previous roofing company. The team were punctual, clean and tidy and transformed my leaking garage roof.
Susie Langston
These guys worked quicly on our new rubber flat roofing. The job was completed quickly and efficiently
Jonny Chartwell
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