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Looking for a flat roof install and repair company in Cambridge? We're Cambridge Flat Roof and we're your Wilburton Flat Roof Repair and Fit company. If you are seeking a flat roof professional, and are seeking to remodel your flat roof, or build a brand new one. High quality services are available at an affordable cost. Contact us for a free, no obligation quotation. We are a reliable, friendly and honest bunch that will do a great job for you. We are proud to leave a flat roof client feeling overjoyed and pleased; knowing that you will adore your new roof.

If you have contemplated that it is time for a flat roof because the old one is leaking - it's probably wise to talk to experts who refurbish flat roofs every week. The process is pretty simple. It starts with a site survey, to get an idea as to how large your roof is, and to allow consideration for whether you need specific materials to use for the roof as there are so many to choose from. We can help make decisions based upon your bathroom, its size and also most importantly, your ideas and needs. We tend not to start removing your old roof until your items are delivered and then make sure they are correct and not damaged. We can then start the roof fit.

Our company is a flat roofing specialist with a combined 25 years' experience. We cover Wilburton and the surrounding areas. You should speak directly with the fitter. It is always cheaper! This is a great way to save hundreds of pounds compared to other companies.

We ensure our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed current building and planning regulations. All work will be completed to the same standard as a reasonable person would expect.

As the fitters, we don't sell particular flat roof products. However, we can give recommendations if you are interested in finding out more. We will be happy to answer all your queries and conduct our home survey. We will provide you with a free quotation.

It is unlikely we can tell you how much your flat roof will cost until we see it. We give you a quote and a breakdown of the costs. Don't trust figures that are given out by people who haven't visited or spoken with you to find out what you're seeking to achieve. They may have based it on what they think you can pay. After a thorough survey, and after you have told us your requirements, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Our Cambridgeshire flat roofing company has been available in Wilburton for more than 25 years.

Services We Offer

Commercial Flat Roof Installation and Maintenance Wilburton

We install, service and maintain flat roofs for government, commercial and educational premises.

Asphalt Roofing Wilburton

Asphalt roofing is usually black in colour, and it is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is affordable and easy to deploy.

Flat Roofer Wilburton

Damage, leaks, and clogged gutters are all common issues that a flat roofing contractor can help with.

Fascia, Soffits and Gutters Wilburton

The soffits, fascia, and gutters are just as important for keeping your house pest-free and dry as the rest of your roof. Contact us to arrange a visit

Roof Repairs Wilburton

Sometimes flat roofs may become leaky. Most of the time however, flat roofs last for many years without any problems.

Felt Flat Roofing Wilburton

If you have a felt or asphalt roof that needs a repair, as flat roofing specialists, we are here to offer, a no obligation quotation and site visit.

Flat Roof repairs Wilburton

If your roof has sprung a leak or needs some TLC, then contact us to repair your roof.


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